Wild Woman Unleashed – She's been calling you for a while… Can you hear her? It's time to set HER free!


YOU are destined for greatness.
You can feel it in your soul.
It’s a powerful call inviting you to rise into a life of DEEP LOVE, ABUNDANCE, CONFIDENCE, and GRACE.

A deep desire to live a fierce, unapologetic life without the need for approval. A life where you walk down the street to the beat of your own HEART with a PASSION so pure and visceral it cannot be contained.

A life lived on YOUR terms while still honoring and supporting those you love.

You feel lit up and unstoppable. That’s the way of the Wild Woman.

BUT, let’s get real …..stepping into this life has been harder than you could have imagined, hasn’t it?

Because here’s THE REALITY: You are smart, resourceful, self-sufficient, and independent. Through your resilience and grit, you’ve learned how to do everything on your own and carried heavy responsibilities from a young age.

But now you’re tired of feeling alone, waiting for your turn or for someone else to give you permission.

You have this immense desire to do BIG things in your life.

You want to feel courageous and empowered, but INSIDE you’re living in constant battle. Struggling to be liked, people pleasing, and depending on the approval of others to move forward. You feel drained, confused, and lost. You’re tired of feeling this way because you know it’s not your truth.

Something NEEDS to change, but youre not sure where to start.

You might find yourself stuck in…

Pleasing and taking responsibility for others, making THEIR happiness your top priority.

Giving every ounce of yourself but being cheap with yourself (especially with time and money.)

Stuck in a place of “doing” and never feel you are doing good enough, no matter how hard you try.

Terrified of being rejected, judged, criticized, and trapped in scarcity FOREVER.

Feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

Angry, exhausted, fed up with trying to meet society’s expectations and craving true FREEDOM.

In relationships lacking intimacy and filled with doubt — you’re closed off and disconnected.

On the outside people wouldn’t be able to tell, you work so hard to keep up the image of what others expect of you. You’ve done that your whole life. But inside you feel empty, like you are dying…. you feel WORRIED, GUILTY, POWERLESS, DISAPPOINTED, ANGRY, and ALONE.

Enough with dimming your light
Enough with people pleasing
Enough with self sabotage

It’s a friggin’ nightmare, and it needs to end.

You’re not lost. You are strong.

Amidst the chaos, there’s this tiny whisper… a voice calling you to your divine destiny.

Do you hear her? The WILD WOMAN within YOU wanting her VOICE to be heard?

Powerful. Creative. Intuitive. Fierce. Passionate.

Now let me be clear. She is not scary. She is not forceful.
She is not out of control.

She is full of love, strength, and compassion. She’s potent.
This is a power that comes from deep love.

I invite you to claim her and not run away from her any longer.

She is the part of YOU that lives life out loud. BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC, she honors herself, asks for what she needs, and isn’t afraid to claim what she deserves.

She is the woman that creates radical transformation not only for herself but for those she loves and influences.

She’s not afraid of intimacy; she allows herself to be vulnerable and share her truth without shame, without hiding, without a mask.

Now, imagine a life where your WILD WOMAN is free to live in her truth.
Reclaimed, nurtured, accepted and brought into balance and harmony so you can live LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS.
Sound too good to be true? I get it, I’ve been there myself feeling…

Terrified that if you speak your mind or say what you REALLY think, no one will like you anymore. It’s best to just swallow your feelings, avoid confrontation, keep the peace, and smile.

Sick of not making the money you deserve. It’s hard to build and market your business because you’re not fully confident and more times than not, you remain invisible and you’re stuck in feeling that there’s not enough for you or that you are not worthy of greater abundance.

Too concerned with what everybody else thinks (even random strangers). You replay situations in your head for days, worried you might have said or done something wrong.

Limited by friends and family. You’ve held back from stepping into your power because you fear outshining the people you love, making them feel bad about themselves or that you’ll leave them behind.

Exhausted from trying to fit in. You’ve been a chameleon your whole life. You know exactly what others need to hear and have all the possible scenarios played out in your mind, so you’re not caught off guard.

You have to hide your full self from the world. You’re fearful of getting out there and allowing yourself to be visible. It’s like something from within is stopping you. You want to get out into the world in a BIG way, but you’re afraid to be judged or criticized.

Relationships are a scary chore that drags you down because every difficult conversation feels like an anxiety attack waiting to happen, and you just don’t know where to start.

The truth?

In your wildest dreams, you’d pull this mask away and boldly stand in your TRUTH. Filled with grounded courage, you would set clear and loving BOUNDARIES, ask for what you need with CONFIDENCE, TRUST your intuition, LOVE passionately, feel SEXUALLY alive, own your FEMININE POWER, and live life on YOUR TERMS.

Yes, life demands so much from you, but it can also work in service of your heart’s desires. It can move with ease, effortlessly bringing joy and empowerment to every step you take.

Which means that this wild dream you have is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE, and—THIS is where it starts.

Youll finally feel rooted, empowered, and seen again when you

Access your sacred Wild Woman power with confidence and feel worthy of all of the abundance you desire, because you OWN the truth that lives within.

Reconnect with your instincts, and learn to trust that your decisions are in alignment with your desires, so you never need permission or approval AGAIN.

Establish healthy and loving boundaries that empower you to ask for what you need and say “no” to the things that don’t HONOR or VALUE your SPIRIT.

Heal the wounds of toxic relationships that left you paralyzed with fear, come out of hiding, shed the resentment and anger, and finally feel LOVED and ACCEPTED for who you are in ALL of your relationships.

Deliciously connect with your sensual self because you’ve inhabited your body FULLY and are fearlessly tapping into your desires, sexuality, and beauty.

Feel divinely guided toward experiencing the true magic of your life, so the fear disappears, and you RECEIVE LIFE’S ABUNDANCE with ease.

Know exactly what you want and have the courage, passion and power to make it a reality for you!

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The wonderful news is that with my help THIS gorgeous life can be YOURS. But it requires looking deep within yourself to heal old wounds and uncage the unlimited potential of the Wild Woman that lives in your SOUL.

Are you ready?

Wild Woman Unleashed


You will become unstoppable. You will be in the flow. You will live your life as a DARING, UNAPOLOGETIC, BOLD WILD WOMAN with FIERCE LOVE!


Now, I know many women are afraid of the term, ‘Wild Woman.’ It sometimes conjures up images of women being promiscuous, letting loose without control, and screaming out of limos. Or, of women being aggressive and bitchy.

This is NOT the Wild Woman. Not even close.

The Wild Woman is the most sacred, instinctual part of ourselves. She’s who stands up for freedom, allows us to speak our truth, and makes us be unstoppable without losing our inner grace.

Don’t be afraid of this power. She’s not a bitch or a victim. She’s the strongest woman you’ll ever know.

How do I know? Because I struggled for years as a ‘good girl’ before unleashing my sacred Wild Woman power!

Hello, gorgeous! I’m Paula Lacobara,

creator of the Empowered Woman Archetype System™, a women’s empowerment coach, and your guide on this journey toward unleashing the Wild Woman within.

Can I share a not-so-secret secret? YOU are an essential part of my purpose.

Helping women like YOU stand empowered in your TRUTH, your right to RECEIVE ABUNDANCE and ground yourself in a life filled with PASSION is my calling. In the 10 years that I’ve been a coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women step into their POWER and enhance the quality of every aspect of their lives. From CAREER, FAMILY, ROMANCE, FRIENDS, and MONEY to the sacred relationship they have with themselves, I guide them to walk through this world with DETERMINATION & PURPOSE in a way that feels fully authentic to them.

But I wasn’t always this powerful. I’m sure it’s not surprising that I was my very first client. It was through my journey of wanting more and healing my past wounds that I found my path. I spent so many years living in the shadows, and shame and guilt used to hold me hostage. The good girl inside me was terrified of being alone and would give to others relentlessly, even at the risk of detriment to my health and happiness.

You see, I was my parents’ third child. Their first was born with severe special needs. Their second died at birth. Then came me; their beacon of light, the answer to all of their pain, the one that would solve all of their problems. Do you see the troublesome pattern here?

I came into this world already facing overwhelming expectations, and so I went through life trying to do the impossible: PLEASE EVERYONE.

As I grew, my insatiable thirst for making others happy led me to some dark places. Relationships that were imbalanced where I felt small and insignificant. Poor decisions that didn’t honor my value or my body. Toxic relationships that left me with burdens that weren’t mine to carry. Anger that took over when my boundaries were violently crossed.

BUT it was this emotional roller coaster that helped me discover the Good Girl, the Victim, the Bitch, and the Wild Woman within ME.

When I discovered them, I finally found the answer to my pain. When I learned that my good girl needed healing and my wild woman needed acceptance, I was finally able to feel FREE, walk down the path toward EMPOWERMENT, align with my PURPOSE, and feel JOY in my life again.

Now, I’m married to my soulmate, live life on my own terms, work from anywhere in the world, and have built a very successful business doing what I came here to do!

Together we’ll cover the following topics:

How to activate and reclaim your feminine power to receive the vision of who you truly are and reconnect with your deepest desires.

How to take the sacred journey into the dark and release old patterns of victimhood that have been blocking and holding you back.

How to build a strong self-worth, self-trust relationship with yourself, and uncover your powerful voice.

How to create confidence, visibility, and vulnerability in every area of your life

How to navigate relationships and set boundaries in both life and business with balanced power

How to dance the sacred tango of the Feminine and Masculine union.

How to unapologetically be yourself and move safely through the world as the sacred, sexual, powerful woman you are.

How to master your emotions and use them to communicate in an empowered way.

And so, so much more.

Because here’s what it comes down to: Women are not designed to create war or destroy nature. We ARE nature. We are the seasons. We are here to live in total abundance with total abandon and JOY effortlessly. We are here to bring that joy to others as well, in a way that honors everyone!

When a woman lives her truth in the world she creates magic, loves deeply and experiences abundance in every area of her life.

I went from feeling miserable, living in a home filled with pain and anger. Being at the verge of divorce and feeling trapped, abandoned and disappointed. My business was struggling to the point of non existence. After unleashing my Wild Woman everything opened up. I started to experience a wonderful love affair with my husband and we are now building our dream home. My business is EXACTLY where I want it to be and now I’m fully booked AND make the money that I want. So yes this work is so FREAKIN WORTH IT!” Teresa Schlup – South Dakota

Kendal Ritz

I feel like a whole new woman. I feel a deeper and more authentic connection with my body. I learned to love and appreciate myself again. I’m now on a path that will take me to a new trajectory in my life. This has been life-changing. I feel amazing, powerful, beautiful, and so abundant.” Kendall Ritz MD, Pennsylvania, USA

Ilannet Parisca

I’ve always been a little bit wild, but I have lost sight of it due to fear and pleasing others. Unleashing my Wild Woman made me reconnect back to my true self: This is who I’ve always known myself to be! I am now open; I don’t have to close my feelings off. I don’t have to be afraid of the shadow anymore, and when it shows up, I just unapologetically shine my light, and it feels wonderful. I’m a different woman; I’m a happier woman!” Ilannet Parisca, New Jersey, USA

Are you ready to heal your good girl and unleash the power of your WILD WOMAN to live a life filled with PEACE, POWER, PASSION, and PURPOSE?

When you join me for the
Wild Woman Unleashed Program, youll receive:

90-Day Coaching Immersion

In this time together we’ll dive deep into the training sessions where you’ll receive empowering tools and exercises to help you release past conditionings and blocks. You’ll learn the language of the Wild Woman and you’ll finally break the toxic disempowered cycle forever. It includes:

  • 6 LIVE training calls (90 minutes) dedicated to the delivery of the  content for the week.
  • 6 LIVE Q&A and integration calls (90 minutes) where you’ll receive direct  laser coaching from Paula.

These calls will alternate every other week and are going to be the heart and soul of your Wild Woman journey.

(VALUE: $19,997)

Training Workbooks

To assist with your journey and anchor each class, you’ll receive six workbooks, plus additional materials for any added classes. These modules provide the platform for your deep, personal transformation.

(VALUE: $997 )

LIFETIME Access to all the content in Wild Woman Unleashed as well as access to the most sacred, fierce and loving community who are ready to celebrate you as you rise to your power.
(VALUE: Priceless)
9-Month of Daily Online Support, Monday-Friday via the Facebook private members group. No other online group program exists that offers the daily support that we do!
(VALUE: $2,997)

A Sacred Wild Woman Sisterhood

Many women feel isolated (even when they are surrounded by many people) because they don’t have people around them who can connect with them at a deep level.This private member’s Facebook group is a beautiful container for you to be seen, heard, heal and celebrate your growth and expansion as you’ll meet women who are on this Wild Woman journey just like you. Magic and incredible transformation happen when women come together!
(VALUE: Priceless)

AND, additional classes and many more amazing surprises that are meant to assist you In your Wild Woman journey.

PLUS, you’ll receive the following BONUSES!

Bonus #1

6-Month Wild Woman Sacred Inner Circle

While I’m going to provide ALL of the shortcuts along this journey, unleashing your Wild Woman is still a journey! I want to make sure you integrate and anchor the teachings of the three months of the program in every area of your life and this is why I’m offering you 6-months of additional support. In this time together you’ll have access to:

  • Two 90-minute Q&A/Integration calls per month (total of 12 additional  calls) where you’ll receive direct laser coaching from me. I’ll be there  to provide feedback, answer questions and explore all your new  revelations and evolution to help you step into your next level.

(VALUE $14,997)

Bonus #2

Power of Receiving Course

This course was developed specifically for good girls like YOU seeking to release blocks so abundance can flow with ease. Learn how to receive unapologetically, ask for what you need without guilt, and create a life that consistently gives back to YOU.
It includes 8 modules + over 15 hours of video training and coaching + 9 workbooks and Q&A calls.

(VALUE $997)

Bonus #3

Manifest the Man of Your Dreams Masterclass

Learn how becoming an empowered woman will attract an empowered partner! This LIVE training will show you ways you’re subconsciously (or consciously) blocking love in your life, how to push through those blocks, and finally, manifest your soulmate or create deeper intimacy and joy in your current relationship. This isn’t your typical dating advice; this is about doing the inner work first before attracting true love.

(VALUE: $647)

Bonus #4

Wild Woman Money Manifesting Training

Money is just like any other kind of energy. If we put up blocks, it cannot find its way into our lives! During this LIVE training, we will do a Wild Woman Money Activation so you can become the magnet to attract everything you desire. Step into your money manifesting mindset where you feel comfortable receiving the income you deserve and welcoming money energy with ease and joy into your life.

(VALUE: $697)

Yes! I want to unleash my WILD WOMAN!

Because a woman in her feminine power heals the world.

Program Value: $49,376

Your Investment: Pay in full $6,997 or $699 x 12 payments!


$699 X 12

(These training sessions will be taught
every other week for a period of 3 months)

Training #1

Creating Your Wild Woman Foundation: Come back to your roots and learn how to access your feminine power.

This module is about redefining your relationship with femininity and power. You will release the fears and old negative beliefs that have been holding you back from embracing your power and expressing yourself as a feminine woman. I will guide you to open up and meet your Wild Woman (maybe for the first time!) Together we’ll create your Wild Woman foundation so you can begin to listen to your authentic voice and start honoring who you truly are without needing to prove yourself any longer!

Training #2

Enough is enough: Taking a sacred journey into the dark.

Your Wild Woman is trapped, unexpressed, suffocating because most likely you haven’t given voice to your pain. In this training, we’re going to explore the dark places we’ve brushed under the rug and bring them out into the light so they can be seen, healed and reclaimed. You will reconnect with your true essence (your Good Girl) and find love through forgiveness. Let go of shame, anger, shoulds, the need to prove yourself. After this healing, you’ll be free to let go of the masks you feel you need to wear for other people and fully express who you truly are without fear of being punished, judged or criticized.

Training #3

Unleash your Wild Woman: Reclaim your pleasure and awaken your sacred, sensual and sexual self.

Unleashing your Wild Woman means allowing yourself to freely express who you are both emotionally and sexually and tapping into your deepest desires. In this training, you will learn to unleash this essential part of you in a way that’s safe, aligned, and authentic to who you are. After following my secret formula, you’ll release any guilt or shame associated with pleasure and your sexuality. You’ll uncover your deepest desires and how to bring them out into the world. You’ll feel truly free, expansive and alive!

Training #4

Become a Fully Expressed Woman: Confidently speak up and share your powerful voice.

In this training, you’ll learn how to get back in touch with your truth, build your confidence to speak up gracefully and powerfully and communicate your needs without getting mad, frustrated or being aggressive. You’ll learn how to honor your emotions and see them as indicators of growth and evolution.  You’ll also learn to set unapologetic boundaries and you’ll be amazed at the level of intimacy and genuine closeness you’ll create when you do.  No more harboring resentments, anger, or frustration in silence. You’ll bring your FULL SELF to a relationship and see that connection blossom.

Training #5

The sacred dance: Balance your Feminine and Masculine energies.

Many of us learned that to get what we want we need to push, hustle, and force things to happen. This masculine approach has been recognized as a model of success for many generations, while the feminine has been considered weak, with very little to no value. The feminine is NOT passive; it’s a very powerful, dynamic and magnetic energy that when you learn how to use it, it allows you to attract everything you desire into your life. In this training, you’ll let go of old patriarchal conditioning, heal the masculine and find harmony between the feminine and masculine energies within and open to receive with grace and joy. In this tango, true magic resides.

Become a money magnet: Heal, embrace and enjoy your relationship with money.

Money is an uncomfortable topic for so many women. We’re often taught that as women we shouldn’t pursue or desire money and that we are undeserving of abundance. Your relationship with money is intrinsically related to your Wild Woman. She is masterful at receiving and she knows her worth and right to abundance. In this training, you’ll heal your money story, rewire your money belief system and activate your magnetic force that will allow you to create a sacred and powerful relationship with money. You’ll go from lack to overflow.

I am at a place in my life where I am continuously growing my soul and my being. I wanted to further my self-love and my purpose in life. My biggest breakthrough was that I am now in complete alignment with my femininity, beauty, and grace. I’m in a place truly knowing who I am and falling in love with myself unconditionally. This was worth every penny, every moment, every doubt I had about guilt or if I should do it. The best part? Right after igniting my Wild Woman, literally a day after finishing the course I met the love of my life, and we recently got engaged!” Angela Forson Nelson, Seattle, USA

The result of unleashing my Wild Woman? Feeling absolutely unstoppable and empowered! This comes at the perfect time because I feel my voice is freed and I have so much to share!” Audrey Benichou, Israel

You were born to live life on YOUR TERMS. You don’t need anyone’s permission to embody the powerful woman that lives within. SIGN UP FOR WILD WOMAN UNLEASHED and gain the tools for creating your most passion-filled life!

I know you’re ready. Ready to reconnect with your Wild Woman, heal your Good Girl, and break free of your fears, worries, and doubts. You are here to feel confident, strong, and empowered again!

So what are you waiting for, darling?

Wild Woman Unleashed
3 Month Coaching Immersion

3-Month Coaching Immersion (6 LIVE training sessions + 6 Q&A calls)

VALUE $19,997

Training workbooks

VALUE $997

Lifetime access to all content

VALUE Priceless

Daily online support (Mon-Fri)

VALUE $2,997

A Sacred Wild Woman Sisterhood

VALUE Priceless

BONUS #1: 6-Month Sacred Circle Coaching 

VALUE $14,997

BONUS #2: Power of Receiving Course

VALUE $997

BONUS #3: Manifest the Man of Your Dreams Masterclass

VALUE $697

BONUS #4: Wild Woman Money Manifesting Training  

VALUE $697

TOTAL VALUE: $41,379

FREE your WILD WOMAN from her cage!

Because a woman in her feminine power heals the world.

Program Value: $49,376

Your Investment: Pay in full $6,997 or $699 x 12 payments!


$699 X 12

After I Sign UpWhats Next?

You’ll receive a welcome email from me that will include links to the program, instructions on how to download your bonuses, and an exclusive invite to our Facebook group.

You’ll join other women like you in our Facebook group who are taking back their power, healing the good girl within, and accepting the fierce, exciting nature of their wild woman. It is truly my favorite place on the Internet!

You’ll start living LIFE ON YOUR TERMS!

What will I receive from this program?

You will…

become unstoppable.
be in the flow.
be tapped in and turned on.
feel alive and excited about your life every single day.
wake up in the morning feeling like you have a sense of purpose.
no longer feel exhausted.
give from a place of fullness and joy, not depletion.

Imagine loving, trusting and honoring yourself so deeply. Where you no longer struggle, feel disconnected or feel the need to please everyone.

Imagine remembering and reclaiming who you are.

Imagine coming home to yourself.

For so long, you’ve been taught to NOT be yourself and to disown your power. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be an empowered, nourished woman, or maybe it’s something you’ve never experienced.

I’ll teach you how to come back to that place. It’s time to let go of feeling you have to do it all alone and allow yourself to be guided by someone who’s already been there. Not only that, someone who has been through it and it has helped hundreds of women to do the same… LIVE THEIR TRUTH.

Your shift is going to create a vortex for others to step into their power and show up authentically in their own lives as well.  Taking care of yourself is a true win-win.

Plus, you’ll be sharing this experience with other amazing women who are your sisters on the same journey, and you’ll feel so supported, loved, and know that you are not alone.

I want to show you a new path, a whole new dimension, where you can fully embrace your birthright as a Wild Woman.  Join me for this transformative experience.

Sign up for The Wild Woman Unleashed online program and see what it feels like to lead a vibrant life of passion, joy, and POWER.

With so much Wild Woman love,

Do you feel the passion and fire rising within you? Are you brimming with important QUESTIONS about this exciting journey you’re about to take? Here are all the answers your Wild Woman needs. ; – )

What does the commitment look like?
This program includes revolutionary tools and methods for helping you awaken your Wild Woman from within. The time you invest will determine the benefits you receive. You’ll have a platform where you’ll be held and fully supported all throughout….This program is designed for you to unleash the woman you were born to be and you’ll have 6 additional months to integrate all of your learnings.

What if I struggle to connect with my Wild Woman?
Healing your relationship with yourself it’s a journey! My program is designed to accelerate that process as long as you show up for yourself. I have clients experience transformation in just a couple weeks of applying the principles I’ll be teaching on this course. There’s no rights and wrongs and the basis of this program is for you to honor where you are, your OWN journey. You can count on my support 100% And remember, you’ll have a community at your side helping you along the way as well!

What’s your refund policy?
I have a no-refund policy. And I do this because immersing yourself in this transformation is a big decision and there will be times when you might want to give up. Looking within is not always fun, it’s sometimes messy, however, it’s when we dare to look into these places that you’ll receive the biggest gift of all, your authentic self. The Wild Woman Unleashed program is not a quick scheme, this is real, lasting transformation. Walk with me sister, your new amazing life is waiting to be claimed by YOU!

Because a woman in her feminine power heals the world.


I’m In!

$699 X 12

I’m In!

After unleashing my Wild Woman I ignited a confidence within me that was magnetic! I met my soulmate 5 months after that. I deepened my relationship with my son in a way that allows me to be in my power and have my needs met while being a present and very involved mum. My business excites me again and I am more passionate than ever about my purpose in the world. Having ignited my Wild Woman I simply cannot ignore her calling to be more me in the world and I can’t thank Paula enough for being my personal support on this journey. Every woman desiring to have a big impact in the world while maintaining a loving relationship with herself and the people she loves the most needs support. I recommend Paula hands down!” Katie Phillips, Author, Self-love coach, UK

Since working with Paula I have become more of the woman I know I’m destined to be I’ve grown compassionate with myself. I am more in my body and connected to myself than ever before. I’m more willing to do the work and receive the transformation I truly want to have. I’m allowing and more in the flow. I’m being more honest with myself…even though that’s really difficult. I am getting back to who I am…kind of like rediscovering myself all over again.” Jessica Riverson, Business Coach, Seattle, USA

I used to feel guilty and not worthy. By unleashing my Wild Woman, I became confident to say ‘no’ without having to apologize for it, and I found my voice to speak up when something doesn’t feel good to me. I feel great and divine. I love my body the way it is now. I feel like a divine goddess.” Carol Solvay, Brussels, Belgium

After meeting my Wild Woman I went from feeling spent and 100% defeated trying so hard to please everybody and do everything right (and feeling so angry and frustrated inside) to claiming my voice, giving myself full permission to be ME unapologetically, draw loving boundaries and say YES to myself.” Mitzi Sackett, New York, USA

I feel like a whole new woman. I’ve let go of a lot of the baggage that I’ve been carrying for many years. I feel more connected in my relationship with my husband. I’ve been more accepting and stopped putting unnecessary pressure on him. Unleashing my Wild Woman mostly helped me reconnect with myself. I now follow my rituals and take care of myself in a way I never did before. I am allowing myself to love myself now because it’s important to me, and that’s enough” Tanya Reyes, San Francisco, USA

©Paula Lacobara